Overview of Docpro

DocPro is a system which used to acquire, manage, store, and distribute all organizational structure information* to users, to other applications and to the business processes of that organization.

In addition, DocPro can flexibly customize, according to the demand of each customer's management by document archiving process, almost completely automatic information peeling.

*Of which, non-structured information including: forms such as text documents, video, audio, email, reports rendered from business applications ...

Outstanding advantages

  • Recognize and fix archives easily DocPro's built-in Vietnamese text recognition system, documents scanned and stored on the system can be identified, automatically corrected.
  • Maximize the automation of collecting information from document. DocPro integrates an automated information extraction system (for all existing administrative documents, dispatches) or forms (in a form that the user wants) or manually (depend on demanding) to help information is collected quickly and accurately.
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